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Demanding on quality,

focused on innovation

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Grupo 11 2020

Demanding on quality,

focused on innovation

What we do...

For 20 years we have been working to offer solutions to industry, the community and life, providing value and quality with our products.



Calcium oxide is an alkaline product commonly known as lime or quicklime. It is obtained by calcinating calcium carbonate at high temperatures.
Several grain sizes available.

cal hidratada

Hydrated Lime

Calcium Hydroxide is a product that is obtained from the reaction of calcium oxide in contact with water. This reaction is known as hydration or slaked quick lime.

cal dolomitica

Dolomitic Lime

Dolomitic lime is obtained by calcinating (burning) the dolomite, with a high degree of calcium carbonate and magnesium.
Several grain sizes available.

tout venant


Non plastic material of continuous granulometry, between 0-30mm, in a material called natural or artificial, based on whether it is submitted to a process of crushing or not.


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