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Microlime is present in several sectors and industrial processes. Calcium Oxide, calcium hydroxide and dolomitic lime which we manufacture at Microlime guarantee the necessary quality for achieving efficiency in the chemical processes of sectors such as the steel, metal, mining, water treatment sectors, among others.

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Lime is an essential raw material for the manufacture of iron and steel since it improves quality, reduces melting temperatures, increases the life of refractories, and regulates consistency.
Our products improve and optimise productivity and assist in complying with environmental requirements.


Quicklime acts as a flux and a scaler of the impurities in electric ovens, blast furnaces, refining ladles, and AOD converters. Also used for eliminating sulphur and phosphorous.


Calcium dolomite is used for improving scaling and lengthening the life of refractory material, as well as helping in the elimination of sulphur and phosphorous.


In the acid water from steel processing slaked or hydrated lime is used as a neutraliser and conditioner to recover the water used in descaling, cleaning metal surfaces and in electrolytic processes for obtaining metals.

Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

PCC is a product manufactured by reacting milk of lime with carbon dioxide. The reactivity of the lime is the key to forming and the size of the required PCC crystals, as well as the stability of the process, improving the shine, opaqueness, and whiteness of the paper.

Paper is the combination of vegetable fibres treated mechanically or chemically. For years, lime has been used for recuperating the caustic soda used in the process of manufacturing pulp.


Quicklime is mainly used for recuperating sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) on the calcium hydroxide or slaked lime (Ca(OH)2) reacting with sodium Carbonate (NaOH) allowing for the reuse of the CaCO3 in the pulp manufacturing process.

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is produced with calcium oxide and Microlime with the extremely high purity provides a special product of an extremely high quality and reactivity for manufacturers of PCC.


Hydrated lime is used as a flocculant, neutraliser and clarifying agent in the treatment of sewage generated by the paper manufacturing process and for the treatment of combustion gases.

Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

The versatility of lime and its numerous applications converts it within the mining industry into a strategic product. Its most important use is associated with the processes for the extraction of copper, gold, and silver mainly in flotation processes, acting as a regulator for pH and depressant. It also acts as a flux and binding agent, absorbing the SO3 in gases, among other uses.

Lime allows us to obtain much cleaner copper, it regulates the generation of cyanide gases and avoids the loss of cyanide in the recuperation of gold and silver. Also, it avoids the environmental contamination generated by acidity and stabilises the processes optimising energy consumption.


Is used in the flotation processes for controlling the pH of the system and as a precipitate.


Hydrated lime is used as a regulator of pH in water generated prior to the process of spillage allowing for the separation of metals and reuse of the water.

Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

There are many applications where the products we offer at Microlime can be found thanks to their properties, their stable quality, and competitive prices. Lime is used in industries such as tanneries, glass, paint, plastics… being used as a reactive, a corrector for pH, lubricant, or drying agent, among others.


Calcium oxide is used as a drying agent in the production of pellets.


The use of calcium oxide produces more shiny glass and melting is faster which allows for an economic saving in the manufacturing process.

Calcinated dolomite is used for providing MgO for stabilising and the resistance of the glass.

In the Ceramics Industry (tiles) calcium oxide is used for making the glaze that covers the tiles.


Lime is use in the manufacture of sugar and acts as a precipitate separating sucrose from mineral or organic impurities.


This is one of the oldest applications for these products. The lime baths in which the hides are held in transit, allow for the domination of the removal of the hair and swelling of the hides prior to tanning. The hair is melted in the destruction of the mucus membrane, with which the connection between the epidermis and the hypodermis is destroyed, in such a way, as to allow for the easy separation of the epidermis in conjunction with the hair with a special tool.

Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

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