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In the construction and civil works sector, lime plays an important part:

  • In the drying, improvement, and soil stabilization;
  • As a component for mortar, grouting and plastering;
  • As an anti-slip agent in the production of asphalt;
  • As an agglutinating agent in the production of bricks and concrete.


Lime guarantees the necessary durability for the very highest standards in construction as well as contributing to cost efficiencies.
In general, the use of lime provides numerous environmental benefits as well an aesthetic attractiveness that is far superior to the normally used cheaper materials.

Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

A humid and clayey soil treated with lime, modifies its physical properties, and becomes transformed into a stable and lasting base. Comparing this with other alternative methods, stabilising products with a lime base are an ecological and cost-efficient solution.
Lime reacts immediately with the humidity of the soil, drying it. It also allows for the clay to lose its capacity of water retention and acquires a very easily compactible structure. The pozzolanic reaction transforms the highly plastic soil into more stable soil.

Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

Lime products are very versatile materials and can be used in asphalt mixtures which allow for the improvement of the following properties:

  • Resistance to damage from dampness and frost;
  • Resistance to chemical ageing;
  • Mechanical properties such as elasticity, solidity, resistance to the forming of ruts, resistance to fatigue and thermal cracking.
Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

Lime is one of the materials that has been most used by man throughout history. Today it is used for masonry and brick laying work, or as an additive for modern construction materials such as cellular concrete.

Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

Mortar with a lime base has been widely used in brick laying in buildings. Its long-term durability and sustainability have been well demonstrated by the large number of historical buildings existing in our town and cities.
Lime mortars offer good plasticity and workability and plasters prepared with lime are much appreciated by the most demanding architects, as they provide insulating, thermal and acoustic, properties and have good adherence and waterproofing qualities.
The benefits for the use of mortars based on lime can be resumed as follows:

  • Low water penetration;
  • Increase in sweating and humidity control;
  • Reduced cracking;
  • Less efflorescence;
  • Easier and cheaper building maintenance;
  • Workability and water retention as the results of the optimum use of materials and productivity.
Microlime - Produtos de Cal e Derivados

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